Elopement, Adventure wedding - it has so many names. Let me tell you more about it!
To elope means “running away together” (for a while), so for example like Claire & Benoit did!

They went from France to the beautiful highlands of Scotland to get married just the two of them in the nature. You can do the same or bring your closest friends and family.
Standing near a lake surrounded by mountains, Humanist Celebrant (Neil Lynch) did their ceremony in the most special way - and of course very scottish, with kilt and everything! He was amazing. The wedding was a secret until they released the wedding photos when they got back to France.

Why elope?

There are so many reasons to elope! If you are a true traveller - or if you just want to share the special moment between the two of you, because that’s important to you, then maybe elopement could be your way of getting married. Could be that you are not into all the traditions, a big wedding with lots of attention.. then this option might be the right think for you to do.

So… Where do we go?

It’s very popular hiking up in the mountains, walking through an old town or whatever you dream of - we can make it happen together in your wedding day.
It’s your day. You decide what you want to do. Maybe you want to fly a helicopter down in the Grand Canyon, hike a Glacier, or simply just drive away from everyone else to have this special moment. Basically, it’s up to you where you want to go. I’ll follow you or meet you in whatever country you pick out. BUT, different country different rules. In Scotland you can get married wherever you want, just bring a humanist celebrant - that’s not the case everywhere. So let me know your preferred country, and I’ll check it out for you.

Does it match your dreams? But maybe a lot to plan?

If you don’t know where to begin, start with contacting me. We’ll have a chat and I’ll help you begin planning your wedding day. I can help you with everything from local venues, flowers, hotels to booking your flight.

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