Who I am…

I'm a big dreamer and I believe in true love, good people and to live in the moment.

I love dark chocolate with mint and I’m afraid of the dentist.

I‘m a danish young woman living in Copenhagen with my love and partner Niels, who runs a small bakery (Yes! He’s the one making fresh bread for me in the morning - how lucky amI?! )

I’m travel addicted and we travel as much as we can during the year and as far away as we can afford. Exploring new places, different cultures and meeting people allows me to look at my own life with fresh eyes. I would love to do more destination weddings - so let me know your dream wedding destination and let’s make it happen!

Everything I do has to have a meaning for me. That’s why I have a bachelor degree in Social Science working as a Pedagogue with all kind of people, so we can all be better living together as a community.

I got into wedding photography because I wanted to be surrounded by true love and happiness. It inspires me and gives me energy to be more creative. I taught myself photography and started from the bottom - and I absolutely love it. I enjoy giving all this happiness back to the bride & groom and all the guests, giving them a good experience and a lifelong memory of the wedding day through my wedding photos.

What do the happy couples say about me? Read some of it here!

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…. as a wedding photographer!

My aim is capturing the emotions in the moment. Your wedding day is such a big day, where it is essential to capture all the love in beautiful memories: this is one of the reasons why I fell in love with wedding photography.

As a wedding photographer my finest task is to recreate the feeling you have on your wedding day in your wedding photos. For me it’s about being as invisible as possible. I love capturing the beautiful moments over your uncles shoulder, when no one notice me. For me - this is where the authentic happiness is.

I love the informality. Photographing you sending each other these magical smiles. This is the reason why I only shoot with natural lights.

I'm not just a woman with a camera - I'm a storyteller. Telling the magical story you already know - but now you’ll be able to see the magic and feel it all over again many years from now. This is the reason why wedding photography is an investment!

You can read about my guidelines for packages and investment here. Please feel free to contact me for more information or a offer that matches your dreams.

I travel all over the world as a photographer. You can see more of my previous work and other references here.

Are you planning a destination wedding in Denmark and needs some advice? Ask me anything, I would love to help you.

I’m so excited to hearing more about your wedding day!

Best Regards
Pernille Ølgod